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The characteristics of a good sauna include moist, lingering sauna steam, which spreads evenly in a well-warmed sauna room. The sauna is warm all the way down, and the benches are comfortably warm to sit on or even lie down upon. A good sauna offers the bather a warm welcome, and the sauna steam can be enjoyed without haste, while forgetting any everyday concerns.

When building a sauna, the correct materials and construction methods should always be paid attention to in order for the end result to meet your own wishes – and, of course, be respectful towards the precious Finnish sauna tradition.

Functionality is the most important aspect

The basis of the entire design and construction process is the functionality of the sauna. The fundamental elements of functionality are sufficient volume of air, the correct type of sauna stove, and sufficient, as well as properly functioning, ventilation. A correctly built sauna has an appropriate and stable temperature, sufficient high air humidity, and additionally suitable hot sauna steam, in which case it is easier for a bather to relax and breathe.

Achieving a perfect experience with information

Sauna Consulting, which specialises in sauna design, can find solutions to make a modern sauna the perfect sauna experience.

We have researched information on the thermodynamic behaviour of saunas by means of measurements and experimenting. A lot of measurement data has been accumulated over the years on different saunas with different sauna stove and stone variations as well as with assorted ventilation solutions.

The operation of a good sauna is based on human physiology and a correct temperature gradient as well as humidity control. When throwing water onto the stones of the sauna stove, the humidity and temperature must be at a suitable level, and the different heights of the sauna must not result in significant differences with each other.

Genuine sauna experience expert

For many Finns, the sauna is a sacred area. It is a place to relax, wash and enjoy the soft, moist sauna steams. The sauna is, however, a unique experience for everyone: one person may prefer mild heat and, on the other hand, someone else may prefer hot and strong sauna steam.

For all-sized locations

There are almost as many different saunas as there are bathers. Similar issues must be paid attention to in both residential saunas and, for example, large spa saunas. However, there are differences between the technical implementation and measurements.

An end result that meets expectations

Several different factors influence a sauna experience: the sauna’s air volume, height, amount of sauna stones, type of sauna stove, ventilation and, of course, atmosphere. Sauna Consulting has the expertise, knowledge and experience for all these aspects – the end result is a high-quality and effective sauna that meets the customer’s expectations.

”We help you achieve a perfect Finnish sauna”

We design and provide consultancy services for both Finnish and international customers who need help in creating a genuine Finnish sauna — a sauna that pays respect to tradition and thus promotes health and well-being.

The project we provide consulting for can be a single sauna, an entire sauna world or saunas for a spa’s sauna department. In addition to new sauna assemblies, Sauna Consulting helps in the improvement projects of existing saunas.

In the design and consultancy work of private saunas, we always consider the customer’s personal sauna wishes. Whether you are trying to achieve soothing sauna steam or a proper hot sauna, we will find a solution that also meets the high-quality criteria of a genuine Finnish sauna.

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Personal service from planning to implementation

Every sauna is unique. For this reason, we review the building, structural, HVAC and electrical plans of each sauna in terms of the relevant sauna’s functionality and, if necessary, we take the sauna functionality into account when designing the sauna. Functionality is not, however, our only point of view: beauty and comfortability are also significant factors in the creation of a sauna experience.

Quality with meticulous finishing

We finish the high-quality end result by testing and tuning each sauna. When the sauna is complete, it is measured by methods of measurement that are based on engineering sciences, and it is tested by means of sensory experiences, i.e. the sauna is tested in practice. On the basis of measurements and sensory experiences, the different subfactors can be fine-tuned. In addition, we provide detailed heating and user instructions on how the relevant sauna works best and how it will continue to offer its users a genuine Finnish sauna experience.

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